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29 авг 2021, 23:24
Автор: Lukman Hakim
Название: SAP Workflow with Practise

  • Basic SAP ABAP
  • Dialog programing of SAP ABAP
  • Function Module
Now days, SAP is the most famous ERP system in the world. Many of companies all over the world with big market capitalization use this ERP system to run their businesses . By mastering SAP, we you can build your career not only local in your country but also international career all over the world.

One of SAP feature that is very useful is SAP workflow . What is SAP workflow ? , and what for is sap workflow ?.
SAP workflow is simply for creating and managing approval process in an SAP system .In a company there are definitely some requirements for approval.
Such as when creating a purchase order document, the document must be approved by supervisor or manager. Or when creating a budget proposal, the proposal must be approved by manager or event by director of the company and so on .
So approval process is an important thing in a company, and approval in an SAP system can be accomplished by using sap workflow ,

In this course we will learn SAP workflow by immediate practice step by step , we will create approval by using sap workflow starting from very basic until the complex one. By mastering SAP workflow , you can raise your bargaining power when building Career in SAP specially as SAP ABAP developer.

Для кого этот курс:
  • SAP ABAP Consultant Beginner
  • SAP Functional curious about approval process in SAP
  • SAP Workflow beginner
  • SAP ABAP Master who wants to learn SAP Workflow


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